We care about your health, that’s why we use the following SUPERFOOD in our menu:

Cinnamon - Antioxydant, antiseptique, improve the intestinal flora, stimulates digestion, improves insulin sensitivity & lowers blood sugar 

Mint - Anti-fatigue properties, good for digestion and help the liver to eliminate toxins

Açai - Full of antioxidants to boost the immune system / natural energiser 

Turmeric - Anti depressant, pain killer, reduces joint pain, prevents cancer, depurative, cleanses the liver 

Ginger - Treats nausea, anti inflammatory 

Matcha - Natural fat burner, increases energy levels & endurance

Mango - Anti-fatigue properties, high vitamin C & A content, full of antioxidants 

Beetroot - Detox, prevent cancer, control the cholesterol, reduce stress

Baies de goji - Help to release the body of toxines, anti-fatigue propreties 

Fenell - Diuretic, promotes drainage  of the body

Blueberries - Antioxydant 

Lemon - Antifatigue properties , composed of 89 pourcent of water , riche in vitamine C

Celeri - Diuretic 

Tomatoes - Antioxydant

Cuncumber - Depuratif, full of vitamins et minerals 

Carrot - Diuretic, gives the skin a fresh appereance, rich of antioxydants

Pineapple - Antifatigue properties, facilitates the combustion of greases naturally. 

Spinach -Rich of proteins & antioxydants 

Banana - Stress free effect

Kiwi -Antioxydant, gives you the daily need of c vitamin

MACA -Antifatigue properties & boost energy 

Apple - Depuratif, full of vitamins & antioxydants

Matcha - Antioxydant, give energy & reduce the anxiety 

Avocado -Antifatigue properties, full of energy, rich of vitamins 

Orange - Depuratif, 1st  supplier of C vitamin, this citrus brings you joy & energy 

Spirulina -Antifatigue properties & antidiabetics, powering effects

Cacao -Antistress, rich of antioxydants 

Honey -Antioxydant, antiseptic , anti-inflammatory 

Almond - Antistress, stimulate intestinal transit &reducing risks for cardivascular disease 

Pear - Full of vitamins and minerals, antioxydant & it helps with digestion

Dates - Good source of energy, boost brain health, Treat Intestinal Disorders, Promote Heart Health

Coconut - Stress free properties , help la digestion &  reduce cholesterol